31 December 2015, Singapore – This week, AUGUSTMAN Singapore received top accolades from lead industry title Marketing Magazine, coming in tops in both Men’s Fashion Magazine of the Year and Digital Media of the Year categories in its annual Magazine of the Year rankings. This is a significant win as AUGUSTMAN recently re-launched its website with a brand new design and user experience.

After eight years in publication, AUGUSTMAN has grown in numbers and expanded its reach via various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Today, the magazine has over 71,000 fans on its Facebook page, retaining its spot for the highest reach by any men’s title locally.


Other AUGUSTMAN assets include the AUGUSTMAN.COM where up to date informative articles on what is trending as well as its digital magazine available on both the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices allowing an interactive access to readers around the world.


The Magazine of the Year rankings were derived from findings by Marketing Research’s annual Media Spend Benchmarking Survey, which sent out questionnaires to its database of client advertisers and marketing agency professionals.


Darren Ho, Managing Editor says, “We are delighted to receive this news from Marketing magazine. Over the last 12 months, we experimented with a number of ideas, creating smart and engaging stories using a multi-faceted approach to content. We are glad this has gained interest among our readers and industry professionals.”

“As we head towards the 10th anniversary of AUGUSTMAN, you can expect to see more salient content in 2016. The media industry today is constantly in a state of flux. However, the purpose of AUGUSTMAN has never been clearer: to provide our readers with relevant information on how to lead and engage in a better lifestyle, through a multitude of products, events, experiences and articles, whether on print, online or audio-visually.”

For further information, contact

Jaime Teo, Marketing Director,  jaime.teo@burda.com.sg

Brenda Tan, Marketing Manager, Brenda.tan@burda.com.sg