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Burda International Asia has a vast collection of luxury multi-media content availible for research, reuse and re-purposing in the South East Asia and its catalogue has been relied on by brand and industry leaders for the last 15 years.

Our Burda Content Archives collaborates includes images, stories, research, photoshoots and video productions.

Our  media management services, uses cloud based technology to ensure that media assets are stored and made accessible for research, reuse purposes.

Accessing the Archive FAQ

Requests to use Burda Content Archive for Educational Purposes

We receive a large number of requests from people and organisations that wish to use the Burda content Archive

If you want to use something the Burda International Asia has published and has a copyright mark, please email us at


Use of Logos

Requests to use the Burda International Asia logo or Title logos 

The Burda International Asia group and it’s brands  is our most valuable assets, we are recognized in Asia for credible content publishing, journalism & insider broadcasting excellence. Our titles and our visual identities are critical to our organization.

As South East Asia’s most trusted Publisher with over 15 years experience in the Asian publishing markets, the Burda International Asia group of companies and brands is regarded as a content, creative and service provider, owned and operated by Hurbert Burda Media group. Any use of our Burda International Asia logo or it’s direct group of companies and Brands must be used only with Burda International’s prior written consent.

Use of content from the Burda International Asia’s Websites & Assets

  • You can enquire about using content from the Burda International Asia’s website, it’s Titles and or brands by emailing the News Website Permissions team at
    Content can only be used with Burda Internationals prior written consent and approval
  • In most cases the copyrights and images or video production is not owned by Burda International Asia and are owned by either it’s partners, brands, agencies, talents or contributors, please note that we’re unable to allow commercial re-use of material from this site, for commercial re-purpose usage of multi-media files, images, video please contact us at

For more information on how you can contact us, please feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch with your enquiries.

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