The Future Direction of Education in Thailand

FCA Dinner with Minister of Education

The British chamber of commerce in collaboration with the American, Australian and German chambers organized the first Foreign Chambers Alliance dinner with the Minister of Education of Thailand on Monday the 27th of January, 2002. H.E  Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan addressed the topic, The Future Direction of Education in Thailand,  our allEDUGUIDE team,  Jack Ritkajorn & Sarah Huang attended the inaugural chamber’s dinner to find out more on the industry’s growth potential, it’s government support and to network with international and Thai educators. H.E Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan, was appointed in July 2019, when the new government took office and the minister also unveiled plans for bilingual schooling in 2,000 district schools from 2020 as Thailand aims to improve English language proficiency, ranking at 74 out of 100 in the Education EPI Index, Thailand has quite a long way to go in it’s english proficiency index compared to it’s ASEAN neighbours (Singapore 5 out of 100 regions and holding the number 1 position in Asia out of 25 countries).

The public national education system is provided by the Thai government through the Ministry of Education from pre-school to high school, a free basic education of 15 years is provided in Thailand. Basic education in Thailand is divided into 6 years of primary schooling (Prathom 1 to 6) followed by 3 years of lower secondary (Mattayom 1 to 3) and a final 3 years of upper secondary schooling (Mattayom 4 to 6) (source: MOE). Over 74% of Children, aged between 3 years old and 5 years old receive early child education, the majority of early education is provided by government owned primary schools and the ministry encourages local governments to take a significant role at this level. As a result, private early years education provides 59% of toal early education in the capital of Bangkok, compared with the national average of 28%.

Ministry of Education Fact Sheet - AllEduguide

During the BCCT dinner with the minister, the Q.A sessions provided an opportunity for Thai and International educators to ask questions to H.E Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan, a question lead by Sarah Huang of AllEDUGUIDE was “What was the government’s plan on the Thai National Curriculum, specifically in areas like cultural, religious, history studies were given more hours of teaching than subjects of technology and science learning and how would the Thai curriculum fit into 21st century learning for these core subjects” H.E Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan, responded with a plan to revamp the curriculum by 2020 yet an idea could be that Cultural, religious and history studies were delivered using VR or technology to immerse students and promote the use and tools of technology.

There are 8 core subjects that form the national curriculum, Thai Language, mathematics, science, social studies, religion and culture, health and physical education, arts, careers and technology and foreign languages. The promotion of thinking skills, self-learning strategies and moral development is at the heart of teaching and learning in the Thai National Curriculum.

Sarah Huang – Director,, Photo courtesy of BCCT 2020.

“Our Goal at allEDUGUIDE is to promote, create opportunities for schools and parents to connect, but also to ensure that Parents, Thai or expats, can make the best decision on where to start investing in education, most public schools don’t have an online presence, parent’s don’t know what the class sizes are, if they should move to another location to get into a school or what type of success these schools achieve to go into vocational studies or tertiary education, there’s not alot of information and we hope to fill these gaps by offering a comprehensive guide starting with International Schools in Thailand”

Sittidach Ritkajorn – Director,, Photo courtesy of BCCT 2020.

BurdaLuxury has developed a new digital platform called the allEDUGUIDE, designed to help well-heeled parents in Southeast Asia find the right school for their children. The platform is a comprehensive, content-rich and trustworthy source of all the information needed to make an informed choice of selecting educational options, covering factors such as cost, location and curriculum. Through conducting market and user research, BurdaLuxury identified education as a key area of interest to its target audience of high-net-worth individuals, particularly in Thailand. The education sector accounts for 6% of the GDP, there is 11 million children in Thailand, 17% of the population and with a successful partnerships with the Ministry of Education, allEDUGUIDE, has over 20,000 schools on their platform.

To find out more, contact Sarah Huang, Regional Director of New Business at BurdaLuxury. Logo
AllEduGuide Asia - Team

Burda launches in Thailand

AllEduGuide Asia - Team

BurdaLuxury has developed a new digital platform called the allEDUGUIDE, designed to help well-heeled parents in Southeast Asia find the right school for their children. The platform is a comprehensive, content-rich and trustworthy source of all the information needed to make an informed choice of selecting educational options, covering factors such as cost, location and curriculum. Through conducting market and user research, BurdaLuxury identified education as a key area of interest to its target audience of high-net-worth individuals, particularly in Thailand. The education sector accounts for 6% of the GDP, there is 11 million children in Thailand, 17% of the population and with a successful partnerships with the Ministry of Education, allEDUGUIDE, has over 20,000 schools on the platform.

To find out more, contact Sarah Huang, Regional Director of New Business at BurdaLuxury. Logo

Images: breaking down language barriers

Images: breaking down language barriers
11/13/2019 | Image Professionals
Even if a group of people come from 27 different countries, they still have a common language: the language of imagery! Image Professionals (formerly Stockfood), one of Germany’s largest picture agencies and one of the world’s leading providers of food photography, recently held a major summit at its Munich offices for its international sales partners. The company is a 100% subsidiary of Burda, and part of BurdaHome.

International exchange of experiences & inspiration

As Image Professionals colleagues and partners came together from all around the world, the venue resounded with cheerful laughter and a multitude of languages. Discussion topics included the challenges of digitalisation for customers, innovative license models, best practice marketing strategies and the industry’s wide-ranging potential for the future. Attendees came from five continents, most of them high-ranking representatives of the partner agencies that market Image Professionals’ high-quality niche collections in their respective countries and markets. The event was also attended by managing directors of like-minded picture agencies, who gave inspiring guest presentations on experiences gained in their companies.

A glimpse into the future

The three-day summit ended with an outlook on and analysis of various trends that could shape and drastically change the picture industry in the coming years. Ultimately, the summit was an opportunity for creative minds to develop and gather promising ideas. Martin Skultety, CEO of Image Professionals, was very happy as the fascinating and inspiring event drew to a close. “We were extremely impressed not only by the high number of participating countries, but also by the quality of the presentations. This intensive event had everyone enthralled and the feedback was overwhelming. I believe we have succeeded in getting everyone on board, inspiring them and motivating them for the opportunities to come”.

Luxury Events – Prestige Kuala Lumpur

From a dream to reality: The Prestige KL Ball 2019

08 Nov 2019 | LUXURY EVENTS – Prestige Kuala Lumpur
We’ve been waiting all year for the reveal of the Prestige KL Ball 2019 to mark the start of the end-year festivities. The perfect catch-up for our dear friends of Prestige Malaysia, it’s always wonderful to see guests mingle and capture moments together over a delicious dinner prepared by The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Slideshow Image


Upon arrival, guests were greeted by an impressive sight of the new s 560 e model from Mercedes-Benz. Dressed to the nines, the guests proceeded towards the Majestic Ballroom where they strutted down the red carpet and struck a fabulous pose in front of the photo wall.

Slideshow Image

SM Nasaruddin Nasimuddin and Marion Caunter


While mingling over delicious spirits prepared by Perrier-Jouët and Royal Salute, some were spotted fawning over the latest fragrances, skin care and makeup range at the beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Beauté booth.

Sugar Or Spice: Our Favourite Moments From Prestige KL Ball 2018

Officially kicking off the celebrations was the impressive futuristic laser light show that bathed the dining hall with a kaleidescope of colours after which Steven Chan, Managing Director and Publisher of Burda Luxury Asia, took to the stage to thank our official sponsors and welcome guests to the Prestige KL Ball 2019.

L-R: Dian Pasquinal Kaur, Head of Digital Content of Burda Digital Asia; Rubin Khoo, Associate Publisher of Burda Luxury Asia; Steven Chan, Managing Director and Publisher of Burda Luxury Asia; Richard Nilsson, Managing Director, Burda Digital Asia; Vicky Tan, Head of Commercial Marketing & Business Innovations, Burda Luxury Asia; and Julie Yim, Editor of Prestige Malaysia

During the event, the guests partook in a delightful 6-course meal created by Chef Mohan Deligannu from YTL Hotels. Following this was the reveal of this year’s Prestige Achievement Award recipient. Presented by Prestige Malaysia’s Editor Julie Yim, this year’s prestigious award was handed to our May 2019 cover story Datuk Nicol David for her contribution to sport and society.

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 Datuk Nicol David


As the night drew to a close, classical singer Dimitri Kopanakis took to the stage to serenade the guests with his mesmerising melodies before the grand reveal of this year’s best dressed winners.  Presented by Rubin Khoo, Associate Publisher of Burda Luxury Asia, this year’s list of stylish ladies and gents were each personally awarded for their amazing ensembles and tastes. The only left to do was to put on some dancing shoes and make a beeline to the after party at the Supper Bar to indulge in more glorious food and drinks.

DLD Events in Asia – Visions from Singapore

DLD Singapore Events

10/23/2019 | DLD Events in Asia
Progressive, dynamic and versatile: This is what the city-state of Singapore stands for. The city has a reputation as an innovation hub of Southeast Asia and as garden-city due to its many parks and buildings overgrown with plants. At the DLD conference on October 22nd, the city also paid tribute to its reputation as capital with its own rainforest. With tropical temperatures and humidity of more than 95 percent, DLD founder Steffi Czerny welcomed around 300 participants to the second edition of DLD Singapore in the (luckily air-conditioned) Capella Hotel on the offshore island Sentosa.

The Southeast Asian ecosystem put to the test

Roshni Mahtani knows the Southeast Asian market like the back of her hand. Starting as her private blog, “The Asian Parent” has become the largest online platform for mothers in Southeast Asia. The SEA expert shared exciting insights of markets that are the most promising in the region according to the birth rate: “With 32 million inhabitants, the Jakarta metropolitan region has a larger population than most major western cities put together. If you want to build a successful business, you should consider Indonesia just because of the size of its market.”

Burda board member Martin Weiss also discussed the Southeast Asian ecosystem with the region’s most important investment funds such as KKR, Sequoia Capital India and Monk’s Hill Ventures. The panel pointed out the huge potential of the region but also its specific challenges: One has to be aware of the diversity of the Southeast Asian states – just because the idea of a company may work in Indonesia, it does not guarantee success for Thailand as well, stated Weiss. Different cultures, attitudes and religions play a major role in Southeast Asia, so each state requires its own business model.

Women’s power on stage

With Shuyin Tang (Patamar Capital) and Esther Nguyen, founder of the Vietnamese entertainment company Pops, two successful businesswomen entered the DLD stage. Vietnam is an extremely fast-growing market that is hungry for content and media, explained Nguyen. Free Wi-Fi is available (almost) everywhere in Vietnam driving consumption. When asked about the high percentage of women amongst Vietnamese CEOs, Phuong Dao Thu, COO of Vietnam’s leading search engine and Burda investment Cốc Cốc, responded that this was nothing out of the ordinary as gender equality is key to her country’s culture.

Advanced biology and technology

There were lots of “Ahs” and Ohs” in the audience when Osh Agabi spoke about the development of his “living machines”: “At Koniku, we program living cells using the same technology that dogs or mice use to smell.” Bringing biology and technology together, machines learn to smell and can be used in airport security to identify explosives or in health to detect cancer cells.

Philipp Zimmermann, the co-founder of the German robotics company Franka Emika, used his industrial robot Franka to demonstrate how it can handle movement sequences such as attaching and detaching a USB stick to a laptop. He emphasized how important it is for the upcoming generation to learn about robotics at an early age. The “Robot Factory” project, in which children and young people experiment with robots at school, is a good example of how this early education can work.

Time for networking

On the evening of the conference, speakers and hosts from DLD Singapore met for the DLD Speakers’ Cocktail at the invitation of Burda’s investment unit BurdaPrincipal Investments: Drinks and finger food were served in the private home of the entrepreneur couple Chris Wilson and Than Su Shan.

Around the world: No time to relax for the DLD team as it hit the plane to Australia on the very same evening for the premiere of the DLD Salon in Brisbane.

You can find free editorial pictures here on Flickr.

Events in Singapore

by Daniela Lechner

Lifestyle Asia launches in Paris

Lifestyle Asia held its launch event at Hotel Lutetia in Paris, gathering luxury professionals, key opinion leaders and business personalities together to celebrate, in a Crazy Years ambience. Several partners have joined Lifestyle Asia to support the launch: watchmaker Girard Perregaux, Dom Gemme Champagne, sculptor Fred Allard with the support of Bartoux Gallery and the Chinese Business Club. The photo report of the event is available on the Lifestyle Asia Paris edition.

From left to right : Lisa-Marie Marques, Richard Nilsson,Kailin Dai, Alexandra Attal, Tawfik Akachar and Tatjana Kostic



“We want to inspire and inform the millennials on Parisian modern art-de-vivre.”

Richard Nilsson, co-founder and Managing Director of Lifestyle Asia

A first step in Europe

Lifestyle Asia Paris is read by affluent Asian travellers, as well as sophisticated, English-speaking locals. It serves both as a modern art-de-vivre platform and city guide. The team behind Lifestyle Asia Paris, including foreign market specialists, boasts a mix of experts with their fingers on the pulse of the fashion and luxury industry. Their insights meld into robust solutions for clients.


Hubert Burda Media unveiled its latest digital publication, Lifestyle Asia Paris, online earlier this year. Lifestyle Asia was founded in 2006, and for 13 years, the publication has evolved and adapted to its readers’ needs, delivering the latest news on luxury and high-end lifestyle, regionally. The Parisian platform is the publisher’s first foray into Europe, making it the sixth edition, after Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and India. The platform is available in two languages, English and Mandarin.

DLD Conference Heading to Southeast Asia

Tech Conference in Singapore - DLD

10/10/2019|DLD Events in SIngapore
Following last year’s successful premiere, Europe’s number one innovation conference DLD (Digital, Life, Design) returns to Singapore on October 22nd. Leading Asian investors, local up-and-coming start-ups as well as German companies and a large European delegation are expected to attend the conference. For Burda, Singapore is an important hub where its international investment arm BurdaPrincipal Investments (BPI) is located as well as BurdaInternational Asia (with magazines such as Prestige).

DLD Singapore aims to explore the Southeast Asian ecosystem connecting local players with leading European companies. The conference will discuss topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics, mobility, smart cities, life sciences and venture capital.

Europe vs. Asia

One of the central topics of DLD Singapore will be the expanding markets in Vietnam and Indonesia discussed by the Indonesian unicorn Traveloka, which offers tickets and online hotel booking services, and Coc Coc, a Burda investment and Vietnam’s leading search engine. Tackling the investor’s standpoint on the Southeast Asian market, Abheek Anand (Sequoia Capital), Terence Lee (KKR) and Kuo-Yi Lim (Monk’s Hill Ventures) will be expected on stage joined by Burda board member Martin Weiss. Start-up consultant Edith Yeung (500 start-ups) will outline the specific characteristics driving the success of the Chinese ecosystem.

Innovation hub Singapore

Smart Cities is a central topic that DLD has been addressing for several years now. At DLD SingaporeRitu Chandy, CEO of BMW Group Financial Services Asia Pacific, and Alexander Zosel from the German airtaxi start-up Volocopter will point out the latest developments in this sector. Volocopter will also start its first manned test flight in an electric airtaxi over Singapore’s business district Marina Bay the very same day. Also expected on stage: Ayesha Khanna (ADDO AI) and Dirk Schlesinger (TÜV Süd) on the promises and perils of artificial intelligence.

Other speakers from DLD Singapore include Marc Wagener, Managing Director of “LabCampus” at Munich Airport, APAC Facebook HR boss Elizabeth Runham, bestselling author Andrew Keen and Osh Agabi from the biotech start-up Koniku from Berkeley.

More information about speakers and the DLD Singapore program can be found here. For a free press ticket please contact

by Daniela Lechner

Burda Principal Investments London calling

Burda Principal Investments - London

London calling

10.08.2019 |Burda Principal Investments (BPI) 
BurdaPrincipal Investments
 is the venture capital arm of Hubert Burda Media and focuses on consumer internet, identifying promising growth stage companies and supporting them with capital and expertise. An important location for the investment scene is London, where the BPI team, including Burda board member Martin Weiss and BPI Managing Director Christian Teichmann, hosted a networking lunch. The event took place at the Hush restaurant central London and addressed the question of how artificial intelligence (AI) will impact our daily lives, digitization and the investment scene. Keynote speaker at the event was AI expert Paul Nemitz, Member of the German Data Ethics Commission and Principal Adviser on Justice Policy in the European Commission.

AI on the rise

During the lunch the participants exchanged ideas, discussed AI and made new connections. The guests included representatives of the London start-up and investment scene including companies such as Balderton Capital, Beringea, BGF, DN Capital and Piton Capital.

„As investors, we are exposed to Artificial Intelligence topic on a daily basis. While it creates unique opportunities, the risks of AI, particularly around data abuse, should not be downplayed. What does it all mean for us as investors? And who will define the rules governing this in the future? That is why we invited the AI expert Paul Nemitz – often referred to as ‘the Godfather of Privacy’ – to give us some insights on this topic.”

Martin Weiss, Burda board member

In his previous assignment as Director for Fundamental Rights in the EU Commission, Paul Nemitz over six years led the work on data protection, until adoption of the GDPR by the EU Council of Ministers and the European Parliament. His article “Constitutional democracy and technology in the age of artificial intelligence” has been downloaded more than 17,000 times and was commented on by the Guardian and the Observer. “Public political organization have already recognized that AI is an important subject and are increasingly investing in related research and education. In Germany, around 140 new AI professor positions will be created in the near future”, Nemitz explained.

Europe’s data protection

BPI Managing Director Christian Teichmann was interested in how Europe can compete with the USA and China in the field of AI. Paul Nemitz explained that stricter regulation in Europe presents more than just a limitation. Education software, for example, experiences higher acceptance in Europe than in the USA. “In Europe, we can rely on laws that guarantee us control over our data,” said Nemitz. In the USA, business models of this kind often fail because there is a lack of trust in the companies that process the data. After the speech and Q&A, a small group of guests continued a discussion on AI with Paul Nemitz over coffee and dessert.

by Daniela Lechner

Burda invests in co-living operator Hmlet

Burda Investments Hmlet Portofino Singapore

Burda invests in co-living operator Hmlet

07/23/2019| Burda Principal Investments
Hubert Burda Media announced an investment in Hmlet, a Singapore-headquartered co-living operator. Burda’s growth capital arm BurdaPrincipal Investments led the US$40 Million Series B funding round with participation from existing investor Sequoia Capital India and new investors Mitsubishi Real Estate, Reinventure Group, and angels including the family office of Manik Arora.

Incorporated in 2016, Hmlet has a vision of providing flexible housing solutions for millennials who often move from city to city as they pursue new opportunities. The funds raised in Series B will continue to grow Hmlet’s presence in gateway cities – where housing is expensive – across the company’s existing markets of Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia. Plans for launch in Melbourne, Brisbane and Tokyo, Japan are also in the pipeline.

In Singapore, Hmlet is launching its largest facility on the island to date – a 150-room property at 150 Cantonment Road – which will help to forge a sense of community that is central to all of Hmlet’s accommodations. The space’s facilities will help to create authentic and meaningful relationships among residents, including communal kitchens, a wellness studio, and an all-day, in-house cafe.

“When we launched Hmlet, we wanted to create a better way of living for an increasingly mobile workforce, who want a sense of home and community in whichever country they choose to live in. We’ve seen our philosophy and operational model resonate with the market, which has allowed us to secure our Series B funding less than 12 months after our Series A round. We’re extremely proud of our team and we will continue to build on our commitment to give our existing and future members a home and community that supports their new way of working and living.”

Yoan Kamalski, CEO of Hmlet

“We believe Hmlet is creating a product that addresses the changing lifestyle needs of today’s young working professional, which we are seeing globally.  We have been very impressed with their ability to grow quickly while working closely with building owners and landlords, and are excited to support them on their next phase of growth.”

Albert Shyy, Principal of BurdaPrincipal Investments

BurdaPrincipal Investments has significant experience investing globally in technology platforms. The company provides long term growth equity for fast growing digital technology and media companies. Current investments include ZilingoCarsomeNotonthehighstreet.comM.Gemi, and Vinted.

For additional information on Hmlet visit

Dorothee Stommel

10 questions for… Jeremy Tillman

10 questions for… Jeremy Tillman

07/22/2019 | Ghostery 10 questions with Jeremy Tillman
Burda – we are over 12,000 people, all with very different, interesting tasks. In the interview series “10 questions for…” we introduce employees from various areas of the company, so you can get to know us even better.

Today, we talked to Jeremy Tillman, President Ghostery. Read about what drives Jeremy, what he’s proud of and what he wouldn’t want to miss when he comes to the office in the morning.

What exactly are you doing at Hubert Burda Media?

Ghostery is an affiliate of the Burda majority investment Cliqz. As the president, I lead our teams in New York City and Tallahassee, Florida. We build digital products to protect the privacy of internet users throughout the world and create transparency in the opaque world of online tracking both for consumers and professionals. This month, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Ghostery. In 2009, Ghostery was the first anti-tracking solution that allowed everyone to easily block unwanted scripts and cookies that leak data about their website visits to third parties. We are proud that we helped make tracking protection a mainstream technology that is widely available on all major browsers, from Mozilla’s Firefox, to Apple’s Safari, and now even by Google Chrome. For the past 10 years, Ghostery has been a pioneer in privacy protection and is looking forward to a future where we continue to be at the forefront of innovation, whether that means using artificial intelligence in novel ways to fight the most sophisticated tracking technologies or expanding the reach of Ghostery to protect your entire device and beyond.

When and how did you come to Burda?

I joined Ghostery in October of 2014 and have seen it progress through many phases of its lifecycle, including getting acquired by Cliqz International GmbH in early 2017, which is when I joined the Burda family.

If you had to describe Ghostery with only three words…?

Ghostery protects privacy.

Which project or initiative makes you particularly proud?

In 2018, Ghostery won the SXSW Interactive Innovation Award in Privacy & Security for Ghostery 8, the most advanced version of our popular privacy tool. Ghostery 8 brings together the full power of the privacy technologies developed by Ghostery and our parent company, Cliqz, based on a shared vision of privacy protection.

Which competences are needed for your job?

When I was a product manager, I felt like I had to be a jack of all trades but had been a master of none.  That’s not entirely fair to product managers – we have our own craft and it takes time and skill to master – but being a good product manager means that you can look at the big picture and understand all the different processes that go into building a great product, including design, engineering, QA, support, and marketing. Part of your job is recognizing the strengths and expertise of your teammates and helping bring it all together to help you achieve your product and business goals. Being President isn’t much different, except now I need to see a big picture that goes beyond our products to include things like operations, HR, and finance. Like a good product manager, though, my job is to help the experts within Ghostery execute their roles well in the pursuit of our larger organizational goals.

What is the next big goal you are striving for?
Our next big goal is the launch of Ghostery Midnight, a new product that we’re launching in fall of 2019 that offers device level protection for Windows and MacOS. For the first time, you will be able to protect your privacy not just in your browser, but in all the applications that run on your desktop computer.

Which was the most valuable advice for your life or career?

In both your life and in your career, where you start isn’t where you finish. I began my career as a structural engineer with an advanced degree but, two years into my young career, the world was rocked by the financial crisis, construction work around the world screeched to a halt. So I became unemployed and suffered another stroke of fate from the sudden death of my father. I was forced to take stock of what was important in my own life and blaze a new path forward in my career. In that process, I decided to take a low-paying internship in New York City at a small tech startup and that was the first step among many in finding my professional passion and forging a new career in digital product management, a direction that ultimately brought me to Ghostery and to eventually become its president.

What would you advise young professionals who want to start a career in your industry?

If you’d like to get started at a digital privacy company, or any tech company for that matter, look for entry-level positions that let you get your feet wet, including internships and junior positions. These let you get your foot in the door, observe the different roles at the company and determine which is the best place for you to make your start. Once you figure this out, you can identify the role you want to grow into and the skills you need to get there. This process can require multiple steps over many years, but, in less time than you think, you will incrementally build out the skills and expertise you need to carve out a successful career in tech.

What is indispensable in your everyday work?

Because our team is so collaborative, we depend on communication tools like Slack, Skype, Zoom, and even old-fashioned email to keep the wheels turning on the Ghostery machine.

How do you switch off from work and enjoy your free time?

To turn off my brain, I find the time to swim with a competitive masters team, which forces me to stop thinking about work and reminds me that I can always be in better shape. When I’m looking to relax, I always enjoy sitting by the pool leisurely and reading a book. And of course, with a 5-month old baby boy, my wife and I are often fully switched into parent-mode, which is wonderfully exhausting.