Hubert Burda Media is one of the largest media companies in Germany. As a global player with numerous subsidiaries and international brands, Hubert Burda Media operates on a global level. 

Burda is on a course of expansion, extending its activities through acquisitions (print and online) at the current locations and in other strategic markets as well as through strong organic growth in the existing international locations.

Burda’s portfolio currently consists of around 500 media products worldwide. Sales through individual purchases and subscriptions, advertising, commissions and retail comprise the Group’s key sources of revenue. Burda considers itself a “home for entrepreneurs” and is therefore a network of independently operating businesses. The Group employed 10,374 people at the end of 2014.



Burda International operates in 18 markets and at present publishes more than 300 magazines and a large number of online media products. Burda International is a leader in Central and Eastern Europe with numerous titles from the most diverse segments, and in Asia has developed a comprehensive portfolio focusing on the luxury segment. Burda is rapidly expanding its activities in both regions. More than 2,400 men and women work for Burda International.

The main features of Burda International are strong brands and innovative 360-degree products. These include innovative online projects such as the Polish fashion portal Showroom. 

Burda is represented in many segments with internationally successful magazines. In fashion/crafting for instance with Burda Style, in the luxury segment with Prestige, Revolution, August Man and PIN Prestige.  Its numerous successful women’s magazines include Lisa, Cover, Marianne, Donna and Mini. The food segment is covered by Saveurs, Veggie! and Sweet Dreams. Its successful titles in the lifestyle segment are LandLove and Mein Schöner Garten. In addition there are several home and decoration magazines, and in IT it has the Chip brand.

Sven Friedrichs

Sven Friedrichs| CEO Burda Asia

With more than 24 years of publishing experience, Mr. Friedrichs joins Burda International Asia in 2017 as CEO. He started his career in Hamburg,  working for one of Germany’s largest publication houses and continued with a passionate interest in bridging content and commerce. Mr. Friedrichs was previously the managing partner at Copyright-Alliance GmBH, a market leader in copyright monitoring and member of the German Association of Press Agencies & Press Archives (BVPA) 

Massimo Monti |  MD EMM Burda India

Massimo Monti is MD of Burda India. He started his career as an Editor in Italy in the 90s having moved from Sicily where he was born.

After a successful stint pioneering digital products in the Italian publishing market place, he decided to spread his wings and moved into international development for Italy’s biggest publisher, Mondadori. This took him to Southern Europe where Massimo was among the first to realize new revenue streams for magazine brands outside of the traditional routes. This saw him develop the value of his portfolio most especially through events, partner branding and badge advertising.

A fully confessed computer geek, book worm and music addict, Massimo views the evolution of the publishing industry like an orchestra with each new platform a fabulous instrument to reach, engage and delight the audience. His motto for just about everything is: “If there is a problem, then there is a solution. The rest it’s just life!”