Lisa is the in-the-know “girlfriend” that every woman needs and trusts, delivering intelligent advice and well-researched content to an educated and youthful female audience. Inspiring yet approachable, Thai-language Lisa acts as mentor, friend, personal shopper, beautician, entertainer, travel agent, interior decorator and counsellor, published every two weeks. The magazine offers a welcoming, accessible space for Thai women who want to explore the possibilities that life offers, thanks to a warm voice, a fully-developed brand personality, and a touch of daring.


Lisa Guru is the digital extension of Lisa magazine, providing an interactive space for young women to browse, relax, and stay connected. Exclusive online-only content such as videos and blog posts offer updated news, how-tos, and advice on beauty, fashion, romance, entertainment and celebrities.




  • Waraporn Siriboonma, Managing Director / Publisher,
  • Panhan Thanapaisarnkit, Editor of Lisa,
  • Sirima Limviriyalers, Group Advertising Director,
  • Nuntakorn Phitakchotiwan, Marketing Director,