Burda launches AllEduGuide.com in Thailand

Sarah Huang news
5 Feb, 2020
AllEduGuide Asia - Team

AllEduGuide Asia - Team

BurdaLuxury has developed a new digital platform called the allEDUGUIDE, designed to help well-heeled parents in Southeast Asia find the right school for their children. The platform is a comprehensive, content-rich and trustworthy source of all the information needed to make an informed choice of selecting educational options, covering factors such as cost, location and curriculum. Through conducting market and user research, BurdaLuxury identified education as a key area of interest to its target audience of high-net-worth individuals, particularly in Thailand. The education sector accounts for 6% of the GDP, there is 11 million children in Thailand, 17% of the population and with a successful partnerships with the Ministry of Education, allEDUGUIDE, has over 20,000 schools on the platform.

To find out more, contact Sarah Huang, Regional Director of New Business at BurdaLuxury.




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