Celebrating the MEA’s 60th anniversary, with a charity run by AUGMENT.

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24 Aug, 2018

Article by: Dominique Brouwer

AUGUST 1, 2018 (Bangkok) MEA 60th Anniversary, 2018
The AUGMENT Thailand team is organizing a charity run for one of the biggest players in the electric power industry In Bangkok, The Metropolitan Electricity Authority.  Nontalikarn Suriyawat (Meow) and Naddhanin Charoenphol (Koong) from the Thailand Augment team, pitched their creative vision for the custom event format to the MEA and were awarded the project. The custom event will adopt the name: ‘60th Anniversary MEA Smart Run Smart Metro 2018’ and will be the very first large-scale sport event that AUGMENT Thailand organizes. The anniversary event is tailored to the unique demands and needs of the client. It supports this year’s MEA activities for their Smart Metro project. The project ambitiously aims to remove 214.6km of overhead electricity wires and create an underground powerline system. The event leverages the progress from the Smart Metro project by strategically employing the format of a run to show off the MEA’s first results in removing overhead powerlines. The running course will take participants along a dynamic route that is entirely ‘wireless’ allowing for stunning views of the Bangkok skyline. The run is effectively designed to promote the MEA’s vision of a ‘wireless metropolis’ to a wide audience by actively engaging them in a participatory event. The run will further reflect the MEA’s key objective of prioritizing innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly values by being a pollution free event.

The project will allow the AUGMENT Thailand team to breach out into untrodden territory and invite bigger opportunities for long-term growth within the event organizing space in the future. This year, Burda renamed it’s services department to AUGMENT, as part of its organizational restructuring of the business into three separate units: print, digital and services.  By taking on this project, the AUGMENT team shows that it Is diversifying its portfolio and launching into new, exciting categories.

“This project has allowed us to branch out, and develop new products that meet the increasing demands from our clients. Our team is excited to take on more projects like this in the future,” said Nontalikarn Suriyawat (Meow), who runs the project together with Naddhanin Charoenphol (Koong).

The run will take place on September 16 from 4am to 8am. The AUGMENT team has drawn up two scenic running routes to display the wireless area to its best advantage. The two routes are the Mini Marathon which will cover 10.5km, and the Fun run which spans 6 km. Both courses start at the MEA office in Klongtoey. The event will support 2000 participants, who receive an event t-shirt, a race number, and a medal after registration. All proceeds from the event will go to the Sai Jai Thai Foundation Under the Royal Patronage.

The MEA is a state enterprise founded in 1958 with an innovative and competitive approach to electricity services, keeping up with the demands of rapidly developing modern Technologies. The MEA has developed the Smart Metro project, which aims to build a sustainable and reliable electricity network that can support new and upcoming technologies such as electric vehicles. This year, the project will also focus on removing 214.6 km of overhead power lines and building an underground cable system to create a “wireless metropolis”.

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