Images: breaking down language barriers

Sarah Huang news
14 Nov, 2019

Images: breaking down language barriers
11/13/2019 | Image Professionals
Even if a group of people come from 27 different countries, they still have a common language: the language of imagery! Image Professionals (formerly Stockfood), one of Germany’s largest picture agencies and one of the world’s leading providers of food photography, recently held a major summit at its Munich offices for its international sales partners. The company is a 100% subsidiary of Burda, and part of BurdaHome.

International exchange of experiences & inspiration

As Image Professionals colleagues and partners came together from all around the world, the venue resounded with cheerful laughter and a multitude of languages. Discussion topics included the challenges of digitalisation for customers, innovative license models, best practice marketing strategies and the industry’s wide-ranging potential for the future. Attendees came from five continents, most of them high-ranking representatives of the partner agencies that market Image Professionals’ high-quality niche collections in their respective countries and markets. The event was also attended by managing directors of like-minded picture agencies, who gave inspiring guest presentations on experiences gained in their companies.

A glimpse into the future

The three-day summit ended with an outlook on and analysis of various trends that could shape and drastically change the picture industry in the coming years. Ultimately, the summit was an opportunity for creative minds to develop and gather promising ideas. Martin Skultety, CEO of Image Professionals, was very happy as the fascinating and inspiring event drew to a close. “We were extremely impressed not only by the high number of participating countries, but also by the quality of the presentations. This intensive event had everyone enthralled and the feedback was overwhelming. I believe we have succeeded in getting everyone on board, inspiring them and motivating them for the opportunities to come”.