The Future Direction of Education in Thailand

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5 Feb, 2020

FCA Dinner with Minister of Education

The British chamber of commerce in collaboration with the American, Australian and German chambers organized the first Foreign Chambers Alliance dinner with the Minister of Education of Thailand on Monday the 27th of January, 2002. H.E  Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan addressed the topic, The Future Direction of Education in Thailand,  our allEDUGUIDE team,  Jack Ritkajorn & Sarah Huang attended the inaugural chamber’s dinner to find out more on the industry’s growth potential, it’s government support and to network with international and Thai educators. H.E Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan, was appointed in July 2019, when the new government took office and the minister also unveiled plans for bilingual schooling in 2,000 district schools from 2020 as Thailand aims to improve English language proficiency, ranking at 74 out of 100 in the Education EPI Index, Thailand has quite a long way to go in it’s english proficiency index compared to it’s ASEAN neighbours (Singapore 5 out of 100 regions and holding the number 1 position in Asia out of 25 countries).

The public national education system is provided by the Thai government through the Ministry of Education from pre-school to high school, a free basic education of 15 years is provided in Thailand. Basic education in Thailand is divided into 6 years of primary schooling (Prathom 1 to 6) followed by 3 years of lower secondary (Mattayom 1 to 3) and a final 3 years of upper secondary schooling (Mattayom 4 to 6) (source: MOE). Over 74% of Children, aged between 3 years old and 5 years old receive early child education, the majority of early education is provided by government owned primary schools and the ministry encourages local governments to take a significant role at this level. As a result, private early years education provides 59% of toal early education in the capital of Bangkok, compared with the national average of 28%.

Ministry of Education Fact Sheet - AllEduguide

During the BCCT dinner with the minister, the Q.A sessions provided an opportunity for Thai and International educators to ask questions to H.E Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan, a question lead by Sarah Huang of AllEDUGUIDE was “What was the government’s plan on the Thai National Curriculum, specifically in areas like cultural, religious, history studies were given more hours of teaching than subjects of technology and science learning and how would the Thai curriculum fit into 21st century learning for these core subjects” H.E Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan, responded with a plan to revamp the curriculum by 2020 yet an idea could be that Cultural, religious and history studies were delivered using VR or technology to immerse students and promote the use and tools of technology.

There are 8 core subjects that form the national curriculum, Thai Language, mathematics, science, social studies, religion and culture, health and physical education, arts, careers and technology and foreign languages. The promotion of thinking skills, self-learning strategies and moral development is at the heart of teaching and learning in the Thai National Curriculum.

Sarah Huang – Director,, Photo courtesy of BCCT 2020.

“Our Goal at allEDUGUIDE is to promote, create opportunities for schools and parents to connect, but also to ensure that Parents, Thai or expats, can make the best decision on where to start investing in education, most public schools don’t have an online presence, parent’s don’t know what the class sizes are, if they should move to another location to get into a school or what type of success these schools achieve to go into vocational studies or tertiary education, there’s not alot of information and we hope to fill these gaps by offering a comprehensive guide starting with International Schools in Thailand”

Sittidach Ritkajorn – Director,, Photo courtesy of BCCT 2020.

BurdaLuxury has developed a new digital platform called the allEDUGUIDE, designed to help well-heeled parents in Southeast Asia find the right school for their children. The platform is a comprehensive, content-rich and trustworthy source of all the information needed to make an informed choice of selecting educational options, covering factors such as cost, location and curriculum. Through conducting market and user research, BurdaLuxury identified education as a key area of interest to its target audience of high-net-worth individuals, particularly in Thailand. The education sector accounts for 6% of the GDP, there is 11 million children in Thailand, 17% of the population and with a successful partnerships with the Ministry of Education, allEDUGUIDE, has over 20,000 schools on their platform.

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